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5625 Creedmoor Road Raleigh NC 27613 (Corner of Creedmoor and Millbrook) 919-787-1855 fax 919-787-1856
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   Relish rel•ish (reh-lish)
1. a condiment eaten with plain food to add flavor
2. an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre
3. to eat or drink with pleasure


We are a Café & Bar serving comfort foods with a "New Southern" twist.

We are a Retail Market selling interesting and locally sourced food, wine, beer, and homegoods.

We are a Recreational Culinary School offering classes to inspire full exploration of the culinary world.

The Relish Café & Bar concept is one born of the current times.  The old standby sports bar/neighborhood bar & grill concepts have been overdone and are tired.  At the same time that wallets are tightening up, tastes are growing up.  Consumers are fascinated by the gastro-education provided by celebrity chefs and the popular Food Network and cooking shows.  Preferences are trending away from the fried and greasy and towards the local farm to market offerings prepared in styles that coax more flavor out of more healthy choices.  Through the marriage of a café and gourmet retail market and the innovative addition of a recreational culinary school, we provide a one stop, budget-friendly, epicurean experience which appeals to all ages and types of people. 

We know that to be successful in this new economy we must garner repeat business by providing top quality product and service at low quality prices.  We have created a  menu and experience that resemble your typical neighborhood bar and grill/sports bar location in that the foods are comfort foods that are cheap enough for customers to indulge themselves even more than once a week, but without resorting to only the same old “bar food” fare.  Our food is of the “new southern” style—southern classics that have been modernized and made with more current ingredients while still retaining the heart and comfort of the original dishes and without raising the prices any higher than you will find at those old sports bars.

We had our soft opening on Tuesday April 4th, 2011 and have enjoyed a very positive response from our customers who are already coming back and bringing more friends with them. 

The standout dishes so far:

  • our addictive homemade pimento cheese and crackers
  • our locally sourced salsa verde and mango salsa (Yah's Best Products) served in some of our café dishes and to take home from our market
  • our fried black-eyed peas (we are calling them the new southern popcorn)
  • our signature mac and cheese skillets (Cajun Mac, Mexican Mac, Italian Mac, Alfredo Mac),
  • our banana pudding (made with caramelized bananas) served in our signature mason jar
  • our fried to order doughnuts served with chocolate and raspberry dipping sauces  

Hours of operation

We open Monday through Friday for lunch at 11am and Saturday and Sunday for brunch at 9am.

We close Monday through Thursday at 10pm, and Friday and Saturday at midnight, and Sunday at 9pm.


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