Covid-19 Support

At Relish, we have been accepting and matching donations for family meals and macs that we are delivering to the Interfaith Food Shuttle, Rex Hospital healthcare workers (they need some serious southern comfort right now), and to anyone who asks us personally for a free meal. $11 will donate a medium mac (serves 4-5) and $25 will donate a medium family meal (includes mac, salad, and bread). We are matching each donation—so technically each donates two. We are asking everybody to email if THEY are in NEED of a free MAC or meal or know somebody who is--no questions asked. I have also told all of my employees to stop by and grab a meal from us WHENEVER needed.

Also FYI, is our new website—focusing on all things takeout. Did you know we have dropped down to just tuesday through Saturday evenings (4:30-8:00) for our regular takeout plus we are doing a twice weekly special cold “family meals” pickup—Weds and Fridays at 3pm? This link will show more about that program. We added fresh produce boxes (one veggie and one fruit) and “bottled cocktails” to the menu (some of our most popular craft cocktails minus the liquor, of course).

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